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The Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF) is bringing together the world's leading chiropractic authorities on vertebral subluxation, to powerfully outline a conceptual definition for research and practice, offering clarity, certainty and confidence for chiropractors and community alike.

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100% of proceeds will go towards subluxation-based research to support the chiropractic profession.

Scroll down to see our summit experts, their presentation topics and how you can use this information to take your understanding of subluxation to the next level and make greater impact in practice. 

Australian Spinal Research Foundation:
The Subluxation Summit

Speakers and Presentation Topics

Dr Ryan Seaman
Chiropractor and ASRF President

Welcome to the Vertebral Subluxation Summit: Who are the ASRF and what do we do?
Dr Craig Foote
Chiropractor and Past President ASRF

ASRF Vertebral Subluxation Model Overview
Dr Donny Epstein
Chiropractor and Developer of NetworkSpinal

The Vertebral Subluxation and its Relationship to Reduced Coherence
Dr Heidi Haavik
Chiropractor and Director of Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic

The Vertebral Subluxation and the Mechanisms of Altered Neurological Function
Dr David Fletcher
Chiropractor and Chiropractic Leadership Alliance President

The Vertebral Subluxation and its role in Altered Adaptability
Dr Deed Harrison
Chiropractor and CEO of Chiropractic BioPhysics®

The Vertebral Subluxation and its involvement in Altered Biomechanical Function
Dr Gilles LaMarche
Chiropractor and Vice President of University Advancement at Life University

The Vertebral Subluxation: It's Role in a Diminished State-of-Being
Dr Dorte Bladt
Chiropractor and Founder of Switched-on Kids

The Vertebral Subluxation: Paediatric Considerations
Dr Rob Sinnott
Chiropractor and Organizer of the Adaptability Symposium

The Vertebral Subluxation: Philosophical Considerations
Dr Kelly Holt
Chiropractor and Dean of Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic

The Vertebral Subluxation: A Critique of Current Research
Dr Adrian Wenban
Chiropractor and Principal of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic

The Vertebral Subluxation: A Conceptual Definition for Research and Practice
Dr Jennifer Luu
Chiropractor and Board Member 
of the ASRF

The World View of Subluxation
Dr Nimrod Mueller
Chiropractor and Project Manager of the ASRF Subluxation Model Definition

The Future of Subluxation
Dr Billy Chow
Chiropractor and ASRF Board member and Executive Director

Summit close: The ASRF’s Impact and Some of the Things we Have Done!

Expert Host: Dr Marcus Chacos

Chiropractor, ASRF Board Member and passionate advocate for chiropractic

Dr Marcus Chacos

Dr. Marcus Chacos is a chiropractor, bestselling author and founder of Provolution Health, a vitalistic chiropractic practice focused on transforming the health and lives of his patients and the community. Dr Marcus is a board member with the ASRF, and founder of Chiropractic Education Online, a fund-raising organisation that serves principled-chiropractic. 
You can connect with Dr Marcus at:


Enter Your Details to Get Started
Lifetime Summit Access $147 AUD

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